Carpets & Rugs: we clean all residential, commercial and industrial carpets and rugs. Our cleaning process involves: pre-vacuuming the carpets and rugs to remove dirt, dust, soils, debris, food droppings, bacteria, fungus, stains, spots or grimes such as oils, grease etc. Using wet and dry pneumatic machine, the carpets and rugs are wetted, foamed and gently scrubbed. The shampoo or special cleaning detergents are used to remove persistent or stubborn stains or spots. The carpets & rugs are then wet-vacuumed and a professional carpet/rug rake is then used to restore the bounce and set of the carpet/rug pile. These quicken the drying process and give the carpet/rug a finished, detailed look. The carpet/rugs are then deodorized or perfumed to keep at bay the dump smell. We also carry out steam cleaning, stain-guard treatment and water damage repairs. Prior to cleaning process, carpet/rug fumigation will also be done upon discovery of insect pests such as bedbugs, cockroaches, ants, spiders, dust-mites, fleas etc.

Upholstery (All Furniture): we clean all natural fabrics, blends, synthetics, velvets, leather, wools and silk upholstered furniture. The process involves: determining nature of fabric for appropriate detergents application. We then inspect upholstery for dirt, dust, grime, soils, stains, spots, insects among other pollutants. The upholstery is then dry-vacuumed, pre-spayed with shampoo (for foam), gently scrubbed, wet-vacuumed, left to dry, perfumed ready use within the day. For wooden furniture, we pledge and polish for a final original look. We do leather treatment for leather-based furniture.


Mattresses: we clean mattresses of all types and fabrics, beds and beddings, duvets and blankets, bed sheets and bed covers. We clean all these for individuals, homes, residential as well as institutions such as colleges/universities/schools, hotels, hospitals, furnished apartments and any other facility offering boarding services. The mattresses are deep cleaned without soaking, dries and ready for use the same day. Before cleaning, we first scour your mattress and beds for pollutants such as stains and spots, odors, dirt, dust and dust-mites, grime, soils, insect-pests among other pollutants that have accumulated over the months or years. In addition to sleeping discomfort, these pollutants are also harmful to your health especially if one is allergic or asthmatic. Contact us, We Ease Your Sleep. 

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