At Smiles & Miles, we offer Pest Control and Fumigation Services that prevents pest and insect related problems on agricultural, industrial, commercial and domestic scale. We control insect-pests infesting livestock (goats, sheep, cattle, chicken etc), domestic pets (dogs, cats etc), we fumigate large and small scale agricultural farms, gardens and flower beds, Indoor & Outdoors of homes, schools, offices, shops, stores, warehouses, industries, factories, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, public vehicles etc.

Left un-controlled, pests often multiply un-abated leading to heavy infestation that significantly inhibit crop and animal production and heavily compromise human hygiene and health standards. This makes our environs unfit for working, living, relaxing or retiring. We have trained specialists that use up-to-date products and technologies that are environment friendly, ensure public safety and health as well as safe for aquatic and terrestrial life. 

Our pest control programs include pest scouting and monitoring, followed by application of an appropriate control technique. We target, but are not limited to bedbugs, houseflies, fleas, ticks, ants, spiders, mites, mosquitoes, whiteflies, wasps, cockroaches, termites, rodents (e.g. rats, mice etc) among others.  We are Your Efficient, Effective and Reliable Pest Control Partner. Kindly contact us or Get a Quote. 

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  •  +254731713746
  • Whatsapp: +254720318775
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